15 Oct 2016

Speaking of Charity

So, few ideas about charity.

1. Fabric purge
Be brutally honest to yourself and go through your stash. I´m sure there are a few pieces of fabrics you will NEVER use. Either it´s color issue, or a texture issue, or the fibres are not yours or whatever. Just get rid of these by giving them away either to charity organizations or local kindergartens/shcools or orphanages. They probably can make good use of it. Before showing up with a bag of these it´s worth to ask though. Same applies for larger pieces of scraps (when I say larger I mean big enough to make a doll´s dress or similar out of it). You´ll feel much better for a few reasons - no more stress to make use of these fabrics, more space in your storage AND you´ve made a few people happy.
This idea is also applicable for yarn stash.

2. Sewing for a good purpose
Or you can make Santa stockings for orphanages, kids hospice, hospitals etc.
Or kids scarves/hats from fleece leftovers.

Hope this helps a bit to reduce stash and show that we, who sew all care.

1 Oct 2016

October Is Sewing For Charity Month!

And I´m hosting!
I´ve had a post about charity before so to start here´s the link to it -
Baby Bibs with pattern, baby toys, kids scarves

As Xmas is coming you can always find kids in need who would be more than happy to get self-made Santa- stockings -

Image Source
Even if you don´t own an embroidery machine the ideas at Embroidery Library are just awesome. Based on the pattern I made 48 stockings last year for charity (link here).

I won´t share all my ideas in the 1st post of the month so stay tuned there´s more to come :)

30 Sep 2016

September Is Gone...

Almost without me. I did a few things and blogged very little as I had a lot of other stuff to do.
So here´s my tally up - total fabric out 7.2m-s (out of which 1m is this year´s stash). No fabric in. Halfway on theme.

Ebben a hónapban nem varrtam nagyon sokat, blogolni sem volt nagyon időm. Összesen 7.2m anyag fogyott el, ebből 1m idei szerzemény volt.

6 Aug 2016

X-Mas in July

This was done back in July but only had a chance to document now. Have no idea how it will end up but I like the pattern and the colors I used. Free pattern available here.
Thanks for pattern link Palkó.

Ezt még júliusban böktem de most lett időm dokumentálni. A minta címe Mini Winter, innen letölthető.. Még nem tudja mi lesz belőle, de szeretem a színeit. Köszi a linket Palkó!

5 Aug 2016

Feels Like Autumn Here

With temps around 20C it doesn´t feel like summer.
Little birdie done based on Maja´s design. Was very quick and relaxing.

Nincs nyári meleg, alig 20C napközben, de lassan megszokom ezt errefelé.
A kismadarat Maja mintája alapján hímeztem, gyors volt és nagyon pihentető.